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Renos DONE!

Ta-da!  We're a Barbershop!

Over the last few weeks, we've been busy with some re-working of the space and some exterior updates for our Barbershop switch-over!  We're just waiting for our new hanging sign on the front of the building, but other than that we're all done.  Some of the obvious highlights you might have noticed with our overall "man-caving" endeavour:

- First (and foremost), we have a brand new name and logo!  We'll now answer to "Redtop"!

- Yes, we have our very own Barber Pole...and its about time!  When it's spinnin', we're in...when its not, we're not!

- New coats of paint, less yellow and burnt orange to make way for deep RED!

- The old sinks and styling area is no longer!

- A brand new custom barber station, with built-in old-school sink!  So, so, so wicked!  Thanks to Arnel Wiebe for his handy-work! (as always)

- A brand new ( to us, anyways) very awesome, red-felted Olhausen POOL TABLE.  Thanks to our friends on craigslist for that gem.  ;-)

- Some really amazing old theater chairs from the old Sandpoint Theater in Idaho.  So cool.

- A new big-screen TV for your viewing pleasure!

- A wall of amazing old black & whites...flashbacks to a bygone era in Rossland and times past on our historic Washington Street.

- More guitars = more music!  And a uke to boot!

- A newly sourced line of amazing Canadian-based products for the guys.  Beard management, shampoos and conditioners...we've got it!  Check out our products page for more deets!

- A refresh of the magazine collection.  ;-)


We hope you love the changes!!  You can still book online using the "Schedule Now" button, or you can give us a call, email us, or just pop-in and see if we have a spot open for you!  We look forward to your feedback!